Industrial Electronic Repairs

  • Over the years we have repaired a large number of parts from many different industries and helped our customers to repair their electronics, independently whether they are new or discontinued by the manufacturer (end-of-life stage).

  • If you have Industrial Electronics which have been discontinued or seem irrevocably damaged, the equipment manufacturers often recommend expensive upgrades to your equipment. VOLTIP offers fast, reliable and cost-effective repairs.

  • We always work in partnership with our customers to provide flexible tailored solutions including the design and production of new Printed Circuit Boards adapted to your machine specifications. Our certified Engineers can also retrofit your system to be able to receive new parts available on the market.

  • At VOLTIP we work with fixed prices, so you know in advance the amount you have to pay – no surprise costs. After the electronic part is received, you will receive a quote. Only after your acceptance, we will proceed with the repair. If by any reason the repair is unsuccessful you will not be charged any repair costs.



Urgent repairs 24/7

  • If your manufacturing line down or a crane stopped working, affecting your business and productivity, or you can't stop production and repairs need to be made after work hours, at an extra cost, we are capable of providing assistance on 24/7 basis.

  • You may either ship your component or our team can arrange for the part to be collected in order to start the repair immediately.

  • We also have experience with extreme situations – we have assisted Offshore Oil rig Platforms and cargo ships in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

  • After office hours, during the weekend or on bank holidays, we are here to help and work with you to minimize your production standstill.



Nowadays, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are an integral part of most Industrial Equipment -
they are found in a range of modern technologies across all industries.

When a PCB fails the owner often tries to find a replacement with the conclusion that it is either
discontinued by the manufacturer or expensive.

At VOLTIP, we have the knowledge, the experience and the equipment to detect which
are the defective components or burnt tracks and replace or repair them as necessary.
We keep a wide variety of the most common components in stock, to provide the fastest repair possible.

Our engineers have the capability to verify the software, produce backups and reprogram integrated circuits when necessary.


Comprehensive PLC repair service:
At VOLTIP, we offer the most comprehensive repair service for programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
and programmable automation controllers (PACs) for a wide range of brands.

In-depth PLC repairs:

Our seek to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for all types of PLC modules:

• CPU modules
• Power supply modules
• I/O modules
• Interface modules
• Communication module
• Memory modules
• Special function modules
• Expansion modules
• Programming devices


Our engineers can repair a variety of Touch Screens, Monitors and HMI units.
Such displays include industrial CRT´s, LCD´s, Plasma and TFT´s.

HMIs are an essential component of Industrial equipment, providing a clear and fast interface.
Whether it is an old CRT or a fully integrated HMI with touch screen,
we have the ability and experience to repair and test most popular types.

CRT failures can usually be predicted as screens can start to fold-over or operators have to turn up brightness settings.
LCD and touch screen units usually fail quickly with backlight,
inverter or PSU failures.
Our engineers and can provide a quick and reliable repair to most HMIs.
We even upgrade old CRTs to flat screen TFTs.

Low brightness, a crack in the screen or an unresponsive touchscreen will impact the time needed to program a machine.
We support a vast range of HMIs, from CRTs to LCDs, from most brands.


Our team of engineers regularly service and repair most types of machine tool control systems, working down to component level.
CNC machines require several electronics, from the power supply to the control unit and industrial networks.
Our engineers have the experience to diagnose and address the issues,
resulting in a repair that with large cost savings over using the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

If you are having problems with reliability or obsolescence, our skilled engineers will carry out preventative maintenance upon all your CNC control systems.
They achieve this by reworking dry solder joints and replacing capacitors,
relays and other components necessary to ensuring the reliability demanded by an industrial environment.


Servo Drives are used for the precise control of motor position and speed.
They range from AC, DC, servo, spindle and variable frequency drives.

We can repair most of the servo drives in the industry – our services include repair, overhaul and parameter back-up.

Repair of a servo drive usually includes:

• Dynamic static check
• Cleaning and general maintenance
• Thorough component testing
• Replacement of defective and worn out components
• Testing repaired drive, under load


Our technicians have experience in repairing all types of power supplies:
AC or DC,single-phase or multi-phase, Switch mode, Linear and Uninterrupted.

From a single output PSU through to a multi output, water-cooled unit for critical medical systems,
we are able to diagnose, repair and test most PSUs.

We carry out our standard reliability repair that includes the
replacement of parts we deem to suffer due to age.

Repair of Power Supplies includes:

• Repair
• Overhaul
• Dynamic & static load test